Wednesday, October 26, 2011

From My Bookshelf to Yours: Grimsley Hollow: The Chosen One

Grimsley Hollow is a wonderful story about Gage a boy with autism. In his world he is uncomfortable, has no friends and feels like a nobody. He is drawn into a magical world where there are vampires, witches, pixies, and dragons. It is up to him to save this magical world from an evil witch. In this world he gains confidence, friends and learns that being different is a wonderful thing.

This book shows us the life of a boy with autism. We are told the story through his perspective. I love how in the other world Gage learns to let go of his preconceived ideas of the magical beings there just like the reader will let go of their ideas of people with autism.

There was only one issue that some parents might have with the story and that is brief language. The words  "damn" and "hell" are in the story. It was not overly used but just letting you know because as a parent I want to know what my children are reading.

I look forward to the next in the series!
You can purchase this book in eformat and paperback format at Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, CreateSpace, Abebooks, and many other places.

*A free copy of this book was given to me for  a honest review.  No other compensation was provided for this review.

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