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Review Policy
Wild About Reading accepts children's books and ebooks from the authors or publishers to review at no charge. The only request is complimentary book/books for the review and giveaway. Reviews and interviews will be posted on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, Wild About Reading website, Wild About Reading Facebook fan page. If you are interested in doing an interview and having me feature your book in a giveaway please contact via email. Please type Book Review Request in the subject line. I will notify you when your book review/interview is posted.

PLEASE read my conditions for review before emailing me.

I’m not a professional reviewer. I read for the enjoyment of my children and myself. I am not doing a critical analysis of the books I read.  My reviews are based solely on how my children and I feel about the book.
  • All books submitted for review are read although I do not guarantee a review of your book. I am agreeing to consider it for review. I reserve the right to choose whether or not to review all books received.

  • My reviews are always positive. If I don't like the book I will not post negative reviews. I know that just because I don’t like a book, doesn’t mean someone else won’t.  If  you would like to know why I choose not to review your book I will share my reasons in a honest and respectful discussion.

  • I do not rate books on my blog. I only rate them on Amazon, B&N, Goodreads, etc because they make me. If I take time to review a book it means that I enjoyed it. My review will state whether I liked it or loved it.

  • As a working mother of three children, two who play competitive soccer and another under two, I cannot guarantee a review within a specific time frame.  I cannot advise if or when a review will be posted.  It can take a few days, weeks or 6 months or more for a review to appear. You are welcome to request a time frame and I will let you know if I will be able to have the review done at the requested time. I get a lot of requests, so please be patient with me.

  • There is no order I review in. If a book catches my eye or my children's that is the book I will review.

  • I accept print and e-book copies of books, but I prefer print copies because my children love to hold the books.

  • Books sent for review will not be returned. Most books are kept by my children while others are given to schools, hospitals, libraries etc.

I understand that you are trusting me with your work and that sometimes feelings are attached. I will always treat you and your work with respect. Please treat me with respect. Remember this is not my job. I choose to do this because as an author myself I understand how hard it can be to get your work noticed and I love helping others find quality, entertaining books.

I look forward to hearing from you.



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