Saturday, December 7, 2013

From My Bookshelf to Yours: The Lemonman: A Party, Some Rain and Wiggleworm Lane

The Lemonman: A Party, Some Rain and Wiggleworm Lane by Natasha Ferrill

Natasha Ferrill does it again! A Party, Some Rain and Wiggleworm Lane is the second book in The Lemonman series. This time she and the Lemonman teach us about compassion, consequences and Mother Nature. Whew! Does that sound like too many lessons for one children's book? Natasha presents these lesson in a singsong, rhyming way that is not preachy. Your children will love the adorable illustrations.

I enjoyed the imaginative story. Although I don't like worms, I couldn't stop reading this story. Even my 11 year old loved it. An added plus are that the author uses words like: na├»ve, proposition, repercussions, eccentric and absurd in the story. My 6 year old loved learning what these words meant ( Do the lessons in the story ever end?).

I wholeheartedly recommend this story to families and children.

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Friday, August 9, 2013

From My Bookshelf to Yours: Manner-Man by Sherrill Cannon


Manner-Man is a fun book that will teach children about good manners, being a friend, not being a bully and standing up for what's right. These are all lessons that our children need to hear again and again. It is written in rhyme. Who doesn't love a book with a superhero? The awesome illustrations will keep your children's interest. Another great book by Ms. Cannon

"I am strong, and my flash is bright, And I will defend you and make things all right." These are the magic words to call upon Manner-Man - a superhero who can help control bullies and teach children ways to be considerate of others. Manner-Man arrives, shouting "To the Rescue", helping children learn about sharing and warning about not 'hitting with words.' He teaches that if someone starts pushing, just shout out "not nice!" Meet the children who form the Manner-Man team and find out how to join! Manner-Man incorporates messages and characters found within some of Cannon's earlier books - helping children learn how to cope with bullies and look within themselves for their inner superhero!

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