Thursday, January 30, 2014

From My Bookshelf to Yours: The Do's and Don'ts by Hayley Rose

The Do's and Don'ts by Hayley Rose

As a mother and a therapist I am constantly looking for books with "good" messages to use as bibliotherapy. I love books that teach social skills and good values. Sometimes it is hard to find books that the little ones 3-6 will identify with or sit still and listen. Many little ones struggle with manners. Its just so hard to remember all the dos and don'ts!
Hayley Rose's newest book, The Do's and Don'ts, is a winner to help reinforce the importance of good manners for the little ones. What a wonderful etiquette book! I love that it contrasts between positive and negative behavior. Not only does the story teach children what not to do it gives them an example of what to do instead. My 7 year old daughter loved the colorful illustrations. She thought the Manner Monster was very cute. Although she was sad that he had bad manners.
I am adding this to my bibliotherapy resources.

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