Monday, September 28, 2015

From My Bookshelf to Yours: Momster by Laura Jensen- Kimball

Momster by Laura Jensen- Kimball


This is a book that parents and children everywhere will love and relate to. Momster is a humorous story of a boy who isn't listening and following directions. Soon his mother turns into something that scares him and he realizes the consequences of his actions.
Not only will  children learn from this book, it will opened parent's eyes to what we must look like to them when we "lose control". The kids will jokingly say to me, "Yes ma'am. Don't let the Momster out!"
I have also used this book in therapy with clients to help them connect the dots between others behavior and their actions. The only thing I wish happened in this book is that mom also apologized for turning into a Momster.

You can purchase Momster at Wackystack Books , Amazon , Goodreads and Booklife

Laura Jensen-Kimball is the mother of four children and married to Jeff.  She was inspired to write after her youngest child was diagnosed with a speech delay.  Books were a common tool used in improving his speech.  Laura creates books with a touch of humor she feels both parent and child will enjoy.  Living in Norwalk, Iowa, she is also a Registered Nurse currently pursuing her Masters in Nursing.  She has direct insight and experience with the emotion expressed throughout MOMSTER.  Entertainment will start at page one and a, “Read it again!” will follow the last.  This is Laura's first published book and hopes to publish her other stories soon.  For more about Laura go to

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