Tuesday, July 1, 2014

From My Bookshelf to Yours: Buttons the Brave Blue Kitten by Kristina Sargent, MSW

Meet Kristina Sargent. She is an Early Childhood Mental Health Therapist. She works with young children and their families in both an outpatient and school based setting. She also has an undergraduate degree in art and creative writing. Buttons the Brave Blue Kitten is the first book that she has written and illustrated.  Kristina states that she intended this book to help children develop empathy and give adults the skills to reinforce its development. Click Here to visit Kristina's blog.

Buttons the Brave Blue Kitten

I LOVED this book! It is a precious story about a little blue cat who not only learns how to identify his feelings but to identify how others feel (empathy). He shares with his grandma that he is afraid to go to his 1st day of school and they come up with a super special way to say goodbye.

I am a children and adolescent therapist and plan to use this book with my little clients to help them learn about empathy and practice identifying others' feelings. It is written in child friendly language and the illustrations are adorable. I recommend this book for parents, teachers and counselors. 

On Ms. Sargent's website there are worksheets that you can use after you read the story. I have placed the links here to make them quickly and easily accessible to you.


Click HERE for the printable feelings cube shown below.
Kristina's furry-feelings-printable-activity-for-children

To order Buttons the Brave Blue Kitten  Click Here or go to Amazon

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