Monday, November 14, 2011

Interview with Jonathan Fluck: author of the T-Bot and Peabody Explore series.

Tell us a little bit about you:
I am married to the most amazing woman and together we have 2 awesome little boys, ages 3 yrs and 5 yrs. I enjoy family time, 3D modeling, writing, and outdoor activities.

How did you begin your writing career for children?
It all started with a bedtime story. One night my oldest son asked for a bedtime story, so I threw together a few characters and a few of my son's interests and eventually came up with the first book of our T-Bot and Peabody Explore series.

Was there someone or some event in your life that inspired you to write your book?
If it weren't for my son's bedtime request, I never would have started down this path. The characters, T-Bot and Peabody, are based on my two sons. T-Bot is based of my oldest son and Peabody is based on my youngest. My two sons started my down the writer's path, but I start new adventures all the time, it's finishing them that is an amazing feat and had it not been for the encouragement and help of my wife, Karen, T-Bot and Peabody would have remained an oral story that never made it outside of our house.

If you weren’t a writer, what would you be?
This is a tough one. I am very techie and nerdy with a love for 3D modeling and animating. If I weren't writing and could have any job I wanted, I think I would work either in the film industry or video game industry making 3D characters/animations. Assuming I could cut the mustard for the jobs. The guys that actually have those jobs are amazing at it and have an artistic gift.

What feelings or lessons do you hope your book leaves its readers?
Through this series of books I want the readers to be in awe of nature and have both a respect for it and a desire to take care of it. There is no subtle or overt message about saving the environment in the stories, but after reading the books, seeing the animals, seeing the landscape, I think the reader will walk away wanting to preserve all that for future generations. I also want readers to walk away proud of themselves for reading and hopefully having fun doing it.

Describe yourself in five words
"Horse of a different color."

Is there a children’s book that you have read that you wish you had written?
The Cat in the Hat. I wish I wrote The Cat in the Hat. Dr Seuss created worlds that have changed the lives of generations by aiding the young and the old in creating a deep, life long, love of reading. He told entertaining stories with whimsical characters that spark the imagination.

Whats next for you?
I am completely excited to be working on the next book of the series, T-Bot and Peabody Explore the Ocean. I am co-authoring this one with my wife Karen. It's been great. So far the story is written and largely illustrated. Just working on the last few pages. Readers will journey with T-Bot and Peabody through coral reefs all the way down to the deep dark depths of the ocean were life is unique and stunning!

Do you have any advice for others interested in writing books for children?
Try. No matter what you're interested in pursuing, try. Give it your best shot. My advice for aspiring children's authors would be this, approach the world from a child's perspective, be fascinated and consumed by the wonders of the world around you and by the limits of the imagination. Whether you pursue the traditional publishing route or opt in to the self publishing path you need to have a story that children want. It'll take time and effort but a quality children's book will have success. If you don't believe me, try your hardest. You will either prove me wrong or spark the love of reading in a child.

Do you have a website or a fan page?
We have a website or for a more interactive experience you can "Like" us on Facebook, . We like to share discounts, coloring pages, tips to encourage reading, and so much more. So please check it out.

Where can we find your books to buy?
Our books are available on, Powell's Books, Barnes and Noble, our Facebook Page, and pretty much any bookstore.


  1. Our family has this book in our collection and it is one of our favorites. The pictures and words equally excite our little ones. We love the facts the book presents! We hope there will be more to come from T-Bot and Peabody!

  2. Thank you for sharing! We love this book also!